Marathon runners say support gets them through.

I have friends I have family and I know that's so true.

But right now here in bed, in the night, in the dark

It's like endlessly running round a cold empty park

I might hear tomorrow, "Jon you're doing so well"

But all I want to hear now is the final lap bell.

Now it is dawn, my fears fade with the night

New friends, new beginnings, same world, different light

Just keep on going, one step at a time

And as each daybreak comes, I know I'll be fine

Of just one thing I'm certain as I stumble along

I can never turn back, as my start line, She is gone.

Jon Venner 2014

Imagine a race where the course is invisible.

And the distance unknown so it can't be divisible.

Am I half way now? I haven't a clue.

How do you know how you're doing

When you can only see you.

Sometimes I feel like I'm nearing the line.

A meal with good friends and a bottle of wine.

Then there's nights like tonight, silent house silent phone.

A world full of people but completely alone.

Nights when I wonder if I've even passed go

Running in darkness, how the hell do you know.

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